Thursday, June 3, 2010

Alive Again!

I have another song for you to listen to.  Okay, so I'm hopeless when it comes to music.  Especially a song that makes me want to pull my mini-van to the side of the road because I'm crying so hard at the thought of what the Lord has meant to my life these past 16 years.  A lot of people who have only met me since that wonderful day 16 years ago might do a little "reverse judgement" on me.  Ya know, the, "oh they would never be able to understand how horrible my ife is, they are just perfect, they have never had problems" kind of judgement?  Without going into the details of my "past" life I can tell you that there was a day when I doubted God's existence, I didn't want to have anything to do with God or anything that had to do with God and I lived in a way that would have convinced anyone that I was a hopeless cause!  When I think back to those days I remember being a young 20 something feeling so lost yet so determined to succeed.  I remember being so confident, so certain that I was okay.  So, when I hear a song like Matt Maher's, Alive Again, I can't help but cry with my face pointed straight to heaven and my Savior.  I was pulled from a pit that only gets revisited as a humble reminder from where I came.  His light bursts forth from my heart and I am overflowing with gratitude that while I was yet a sinner, Christ died for me.  I praise Him for His faithfulness to the prayers that were spoken on my behalf by people who really loved me and wanted to see me come out on the other side of my darkness.  Today, I write to testify of God's great love to me.  I testify that if you doubt or you struggle, that He has provided for you a spirit of joy and fullness, not of sadness and defeat.  I testify that He can pull you out of darkness and into His marvelous light!  Enjoy this song!  And cry out to God if today is the day that He calls out to you!

I woke up in darkness
surrounded by silence
oh where, where have I gone?
I woke to reality
losing its grip on me
oh where, where have I gone?
Cause I can see the light
before I see the sunrise

You called and you shouted
broke through my deafness
now I’m breathing in
and breathing out
I’m alive again!

You shattered my darkness
washed away my blindness
now I’m breathing in
and breathing out
I’m alive again!

They never loved you
you waited for me,
I searched for you…what took me so long?
I was looking outside
as a love would ever want to hide
I’m finding I was wrong
Cause I can feel the wind
before it hits my skin

Cause I want you!
Yes, I want you,
I need you
And I’ll do what ever I have to
Just to get through
cause I love you
Yeah, I love you!

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